Lessons and Do Overs

I recently posted a few slides on our Instagram account about the things I wish I knew when we started our farm. My hope was beginners (whether farmers or home gardeners) would learn and avoid from my mistakes. To my surprise, I received a lot of interest and feedback for more advice and I thought it would be more

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Changing of the Seasons at the Farm

It's been a busy summer but a busier fall, if you can imagine. While summer has been about harvesting all the beauties and trying to stay on top of the weeds, fall has been about cleaning out the fields and prepping to plant the little plant babies that like the cold temperatures. They will grow slow but strong roots

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We’re in the News!

We're in the news . . . We recently had the pleasure of having journalist Jessica Leeburg and photographer Melissa Giorla from the popular Cape May website visit our farm to learn more about our new venture. You know you've met fellow flower and gardening enthusiasts when you speak about nothing else but gardening adventures and tips and

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Perennial Flowers, Woodies, and Trees Planted on the Farm – Part 2

In part 1 of this post, I wrote about our trees and some of our perennial flowers just planted on the farm. In this second article, I’ll provide information about the rest of our plantings covering flowering shrubs, bushes, and vines. I consider this the meat and potatoes of the planted perennials as they will be heavily used for

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Perennial Flowers, Woodies, and Trees Planted on the Farm – Part 1

While I look forward to spring for the planting of our beautiful annual flowers, this year I'm particularly impatient as I'm looking forward to seeing the growth and beauty of the many perennial flowers, woodies (flowering shrubs), and trees we planted this past year. Along the sides of our property consisting of almost half acre of land, we planted our

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