It’s been a busy summer but a busier fall, if you can imagine.

While summer has been about harvesting all the beauties and trying to stay on top of the weeds, fall has been about cleaning out the fields and prepping to plant the little plant babies that like the cold temperatures. They will grow slow but strong roots over the winter and bloom magnificently in early to late spring and summer. I can’t wait!

Although this is our second winter on the farm, it is the first one that I will concertedly plant as many of the cold hardy flowers as I can. And, to my surprise, it’s a long list; in fact, I think it’s the majority of what I will be growing next season. If you’re interested, here’s a link to my cold hardy flowers I’m planting this fall.

If you follow me on social media, you know about my attempt to grow Iceland Poppies from seed. I’ve tried for 2 years and have failed. This year, it’s looking promising and fingers crossed I’ll have these gorgeous flowers for you early spring. And, once you personally experience these poppies yourself, you’ll understand my persistence. You can thank me later. :)

Iceland Poppies at Harvest Stage

Here is the stage where you harvest the poppies and in a few days in the vase, they go from looking like this alien being to the beauties on the right.

iceland poppy
Iceland Poppy

Once you experience seeing these delicate (yet hardy and long lasting) and papery flowers, you'll be hooked!

After planting the seedlings the next task is planting flower bulbs. We will be planting tulips again, but on a limited scale. Growing tulips as a cut flower means we pull the whole plant (bulbs too) before the flowers bloom so you can have the longest stem and vase life. Tulips are tricky because if the weather conditions are not ideal you are left with short stemmed flowers. Or, if it’s warmer than expected, you’re left with a ton of tulips that need to be harvested before you were ready. Because of these challenges, we’ve scaled down the quantity. However, new this year, are fancy daffodils (there are some that look like peonies, for goodness sake!) and hyacinths. Frankly, I’m not a big daffodil fan, but discovering these fancy ones changed my mind. We’ll be purposefully planting them in the front part of our farm so that you can see the beauty from the street. Of course, we’ll also be planting beautiful ranunculus and anemones, but they’ll be in our back fields.

Here’s a few of the bulb flowers we’ll be planting for next season. Can you wait?

Hyacinth Apricot Passion
Hyacinth Apricot Passion

Love the pastel color of this hyacinth.

Daffodil Obdam

These are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill daffodils.

Tulip Katinka
Tulip Katinka

This peony type tulip with many layers of petals and sweet pastel color coming your way.

Some other tasks to hopefully complete before winter is the the mulching of our fruit trees and perennials before the cold temperatures arrive.

Are you planting any cold hardy flowers this fall? I highly recommend it.

If are local (or happen to be visiting) and have planting space outdoors, I’m giving away extra seedlings of yarrow and foxglove. As I continue to plant out my seedlings, I may have others I’ll add to give away. They’ll be on the lower shelf of our flower stand, just come by and take some, first come, first serve. Sorry, can’t hold them for later pick up, EXCEPT, if you work with a local school that have a gardening program, then I’m happy to reserve some for you.

Foxglove Purple
Foxglove Purple

The extra seedlings will include purple, white, and a pastel mix.

Yarrow Summer Pastel
Yarrow Summer Pastel

These pretty pastel colors will bloom all summer long.

To plant, carefully tease out each seedling, being careful to pick them up by their leaves and not by their stems, place in soil, water lightly (making sure to keep it moist their first week in the ground), and watch them grow. Easy, peasy. I’ll do a short how to video and post it on my Instagram (@seashoreflowerfarm).

We have tons of events and winter products available on the farm, check them out below!

Spring 2024 Bouquet Subscriptions

Here’s  a representation of the unbelievable beauty that spring brings forth and we want to share this with you!

Spring Tulips
Spring Ranunculus

Our Spring 2024 bouquet subscription is now open where you will receive 4 bouquets over the course of several weeks (depending on the weather conditions, early spring bouquets could start as early as March/April with bouquets coming to you either every week or every other week, depending on how fast the flowers grow). The spring season will run from March/April to end of June and you can sign up in 4-bouquet intervals.

To encourage you to sign up early, we are offering a $10 discount per each 4-week interval. Discount ends November 30 (and will be automatically taken at checkout, no code necessary), but don’t wait until then to subscribe because we don’t have a lot of slots to fill!

Make your purchase here.


Pumpkin Centerpiece Workshop, Saturday, October 28, 9:00-10:00am

Just in time for Halloween, in this 1-hour workshop, you will make a beautiful, fall inspired centerpiece using the flowers that are seasonal now at the farm. We will use foam free mechanics and learn basic centerpiece concepts to create these stunners. Craft pumpkin, in lieu of real ones, will be used in order to avoid the mess fresh pumpkins leave behind as they age. Register here.

If you can’t make it to the workshop or just want to purchase one instead, no problem; you can purchase here.

pumpkin centerpiece 3

Custom Winter Wreath Making Workshops

In this intimate, fun, 2-hour workshop, you will learn the basics of making your own fresh winter wreath. All materials are included including fresh cut greenery from in and around the farm.

We encourage you to come with a friend and are offering a 5% discount if you and your friend/family sign up together. Please use code FRIEND and the discount will be automatically taken.

Check here for availability; some sections are already closed.

If you have a group of 5 or more friends/family who want to take the workshop but can’t make the scheduled dates, we’re happy to work with you on a custom date/time. The only consideration is the latest time slot to book is 2pm as Daylight Savings ends early November. Just include the day/time in the comments section of your registration and registration for the group must be done together. Check here for more information.

winter wreath workshop

Custom Winter Wreath


If you just want freshly made wreaths, you don’t have to come to our workshop. You can preorder our wreaths and pick up at the farm. There are two size options and pick up can be made beginning now through end of the year. Two days advance order is required as we make the wreaths on demand. Check here for details.