The flowers are finally (albeit slowly) starting to bloom. Of course, the first to greet us are the daffodils. On our farm, there are patches of daffodils here and there, randomly planted by previous occupants, of which I’m enjoying harvesting for myself (a rare occasion) while I wait for my fancy daffodils to come into their own. These beauties will be saved for my wonderful flower customers.

Fancy Daffodil

Fancy Daffodil

anemone mini arrangement

Mini anemone arrangement.

Right behind the daffodils, the anemones are flowering, one at a time, which is surprising because usually the tulips should be next to bloom. I’m learning so many lessons as a farmer, but the most important is that you can never predict based on the past what the flowers will do …. they have a mind of their own.

The waiting game each spring tests my patience especially when I see farmers in other parts of the country seeing blooms a month or more earlier than usual. I’m learning to accept the randomness of Mother Nature and the necessity of rolling with it. Regardless, it’s only a matter of weeks before I’ll be immersed in a burst of blooms!