Seashore Flower Club

Learn and Cultivate Beauty, Create and Donate Magic

Our Flower Club is about teaching you how to grow beautiful cut flowers as we grow them together in real time. When the blooms are ready to harvest, you fill your home with these beauties and you donate the excess in our #RandomActsofKindness movement.

Each month of the growing season cycle, you will receive a package that contains 5 packets of seeds, each packet a different variety of flowers. These flowers will be heirloom or specialty cut flowers that are not readily available for purchase at nurseries or florists.

Registration for the Club is now closed.

However, please sign up for our waitlist. Everyone on the waitlist will be the first to be contacted when the Club reopens.

The Club opens up for regular registration for the spring, fall, and winter cycles. In addition, we may reopen registration for a very short period in the middle of each cycle depending on space availability. Signing up for our waitlist ensures that you will be notified first before our general public announcement.