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Creating beautiful memories

We are a small family flower farm by the sea in beautiful Cape May, NJ.  Our lifelong love of the ocean and passion for growing and working the land brought us to this scenic shore community, located on the still largely agricultural peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay.

For almost two decades, we started and successfully ran a STEM learning center where we tutored math and science and taught programming and robotics. During this period we fell in love with growing fresh flowers, to the point where every inch of our yard at the time was filled with beautiful plantings. The Covid shelter-in-place order forced us to close our learning center and it was during this time we had the chance to re-evaluate our professional and personal life and future. With our children attending college, we decided this was the time to make the change and pursue our passion. For Hedy, it’s working the land, growing beautiful flowers and vegetables for use in kimchi and healthy juices and for Steve, writing and helping build and maintain the farm.

We care about the environment. All our decisions at the farm incorporate living in harmony with the land. We grow using organic practices and integrate sustainability in as much of our farm as possible.

Flowers bring beauty into the world; they evoke fond, often cherished memories and they are often a key supporting player in many important new events (think weddings), and we love that our flowers are part of that.

As former teachers, we love sharing information and spreading knowledge. Our workshops are curated to help you learn how to create your own beauty and magic while having fun and making friendships with others in the community.

We participate in the philosophy of the seasonal flower movement where we work in harmony with the natural ebb and flow of nature and the changes of its bounty with the seasons.

We believe in pursuing your passion, trusting your gut (no matter how scary that may feel), working towards manifesting your dreams and that there is magic in the world.

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