U Pick Flowers       Guided Tour

We have two wonderful ways to visit our beautiful flower farm.

You can choose to participate in our U Pick Flowers program (which has a “just looking” option for companions coming with U Pickers but not interested in harvesting flowers)


You can choose our in-depth guided farm tour offering a birds-eye view of what life is like as a flower farmer as well as giving you insight into our methodologies and processes for growing flowers during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Our U Pick begins in late June and is open two days per week, Thursday and Sunday, from 4:00-6:00pm.

Our Guided Tour opens June 5 and is available on Wednesday and Saturday, from 4:00-5:30pm.

While we are open to walk-ins, we highly recommend you reserve your spots ahead of time to ensure your place in these activities.

Reservations can be made below.

Walk the flower fields, learn about the variety of cut flowers currently growing and available for you to harvest and how to identify when flowers are ready to be harvested as well as how to cut and take care of them.

At each U Pick, you have two entry options.

U Pick with Flowers Option: $30. We provide you with a compostable container which you can fill with the flowers of your choice.

U Pick Just Looking Option: $10. You can wander through our rows of flowers, take selfies, and appreciate our broad array of annuals and perennials.

U Pick Dates

June – July, 4:00-6:00pm
Thursday Sunday
June 27 June 30
July 4 July 7
July 11 July 14
July 18 July 28
August – September, 4:00-6:00pm
Thursday Sunday
August 1 September 1
August 8 September 5
August 15 September 8
August 22 tba
August 29 tba

Guided Tour

From June to September, twice a week we offer a guided tour of our flower farm. During our in-depth tour, you have the opportunity to walk our fields while taking a deep dive into the inner workings of our farm. It’s a fun, informative way to gain a whole new understanding and appreciation for locally grown flowers.

During the tour, you will have the chance to see and experience the wide array of things we grow on the farm, to include annual and perennial flowers, evergreens, berries, grains, grasses, herbs, and fruit trees. Of special note is our wide variety of specialty and heirloom flowers.

During the tour, learn about:

-the year round activities on the farm
-sustainable and organic practices
-spring, summer, and fall crops
-succession planting and harvesting
-the use of the different items grown on the farm

Tour fees: General: $20, Student: $15

Farm Tour Dates

June – July, 4:00-5:30 pm
Wednesday Saturday
June 5 June 8
June 12 June 15
June 19 June 22
July 3 June 29
July 10 July 6
July 17 July 13
July 24 July 20
July 31 July 27
August – September, 4:00-5:30pm
Wednesday Saturday
August 7 August 3
August 14 August 10
August 21 August 17
August 28 August 24
September 4 August 31
September 11 September 7
September 18 September 14
September 25 September 21
September 28

Please Note!

  • All visitors must have purchased the U Pick with Flowers, the U Pick Just Looking, or the Guided Tour option.
  • We are a family friendly farm. At the same time, we are a working farm with uneven ground and tripping hazards. We ask that you please supervise your children at all times and do not leave them unattended.
  • Children under 6 can come for free.
  • All purchases are nonrefundable. If there is a cancellation due to weather, we will offer a make-up session the next day (Friday or Monday for U Pick Flowers; Thursday or Sunday for Farm Tours).
  • We are unable to accommodate pets (service dogs are welcome).
  • There are no public restrooms.


U Pick with Flowers Ticket

$30 (Children Under 6 Free)

U Pick Just Looking Ticket

$10 (Children Under 6 Free)

Farm tour
Guided Tour Ticket

Adult – $20
Student – $15
Children Under 6 – Free