Summer Bouquet Subscription Shipping Nationwide


Surround yourself with flowers this summer with our summer bouquet subscription. Now, you can subscribe with our partial payment plan. Pay 50% now and the balance 30 days from purchase.

Choose to pick up your flowers at the farm or at Nikki’s Cafe in West Cape May. Overnight shipping is available nationwide (except Alaska, California, and Hawaii) and is included in the purchase price.

Subscriptions make wonderful birthday or special holiday gifts. If you are purchasing this as a gift, let us know under additional information during checkout along with the recipients delivery address (no PO Boxes) and we will email you our beautiful pdf gift certificate for you to send to your recipient.

Embrace the Beauty of Summer with Our Summer Bouquet Flower Subscription!

We’re proud to bring you the freshest, most vibrant blooms straight from our fields to your home. Our summer flower subscription celebrates the ever-changing tapestry of nature, delivering handpicked bouquets that are larger and lusher than the standard offerings.

🌼 How It Works:

  1. Choose Your Subscription Frequency Plan: monthly (3 months) or bi-monthly (2x per month)
  2. Experience Local Blooms: Discover the curated selection of our locally grown flowers, foliage, and botanical treasures.
  3. Support Local Agriculture: By subscribing to our service, you’re not just receiving flowers – you’re investing in the sustainability of our community and the preservation of our natural heritage.

💐 Why Choose Us:

  • Farm-Fresh Quality: Our flowers are grown with love and care, ensuring unparalleled freshness and longevity.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: We’re committed to sustainable farming methods that minimize environmental impact and promote biodiversity.
  • Seasonal Delights: From dainty spring blossoms to bold autumn hues, our subscriptions capture the essence of each season in a stunning display of color and texture.

🌿 Join Our Blooming Community: Become part of our farm family and connect with fellow flower enthusiasts through exclusive events, workshops, and behind-the-scenes farm tours.

Ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of local blooms? Subscribe today and let nature’s wonders inspire you this season!

Please Read – Important

Picking up your bouquet: I understand that my bouquet subscription means a fresh bouquet will be delivered at Nikki’s Cafe or at the farm. If I am out of town or unable to pickup my bouquet for any reason, I understand that it is my responsibility to find a substitute to take my share. If I am unable to find a substitute, I will not receive credit or a refund for any bouquets that I do not pickup. Pickup at Nikki’s Cafe is specific to their store hours. It is my responsibility to pick up my bouquet during the designated time period on the designated day. I understand that if my bouquet is not picked up on the designated day, within the designated time, I forfeit that bouquet and it will be donated at the discretion of the host pickup location. There is more flexibility with farm pick up and can be arranged as needed.

Shipping your bouquet: I understand that my bouquets will be shipped overnight express for delivery by noon the next day. I also understand it is my responsibility to ensure I or someone else is home to immediately receive the bouquets and follow the care instructions for longest vase life. I know that if the flowers are left in the box under hot and/or sunny conditions, it will negatively impact the quality of my flowers and that I will not receive credit or a refund.