Flower Crown Workshop


Flowing, delicate, flowery, romantic … all words to describe the flower crown you will make and joyfully wear to embrace the arrival of spring.

When I think of flower crowns, I think of myself on a vast field of wildflowers, the wind gently blowing my soft billowy dress and my hair with the long ribbons tied to my flowery crown (and, don’t forget the little girl with me wearing the crown better than me, lol!). I must be reading too many romance novels … but, c’mon, be honest, don’t you imagine that, too?

Whether you want to make these crowns for yourself (because you’re the Queen!), or for someone else for a special occasion, this workshop is a fun, wonderful way to celebrate the end of winter and rejoice in the warm weather to come.

All of our workshops work well with friends or family members coming together, but for some reason, this particular workshop screams mother/daughter, grandmother/granddaughter, aunt/niece …. you get the picture … type of pairing. Like I said, there’s something about flower crowns.

For the littles in your life, we’ve scheduled a special workshop meant for young children (as young as 3rd grade) as your pair. Unfortunately, 3rd grade is the youngest grade we recommend for attending … I want the kids to learn and have fun making these and not to be frustrated, and kids younger than 3rd grade may have difficulty. Now if you think otherwise of your child, then, go ahead and take a chance, but it’s your call. Remember, we want our kids to have that wonderful experience about making flower crowns with us rather than remembering that frustrating workshop where it didn’t come out as imagined!

It seems obvious, but I do need to say this … all children MUST be accompanied by an adult. And, the registration fee is per person.

Flowers are 100% from the farm and are fresh and at their peak of blooming. So, let’s herald in the warmth and sunshine of spring and live a little bit of our fantasy.

FINALLY, please know before registering that there is NO refund or credit for any reason if you are unable to attend the workshops. You can, however, transfer your registration to another – just let us know.