Here are some basic tools you will need to get started on your seed sowing journey. If you already own equipment, then go with what you have unless you want to experiment with something new.

  1. Seed germination trays: flower seeds are extremely tiny and I found it’s much easier to use small containers filled with soil to germinate seeds en mass. I usually save plastic or foam containers from grocery stores or take out containers from restaurants.
  2. Seed cell trays: I usually go with the 72 cell trays as the cells are just big enough to support the seedlings until they are ready to be planted outside.
  3. Bottom Trays: This tray catches water and at the seed sowing and early seedling stage, you will be watering from the bottom.
  4. Soil Blockers: If you decide to go the soil blocking route, then I recommend purchasing the 20 mini blocker. You will find you use this blocker the most. If you go this route, you will also need a soil sifter (I didn’t mention in the video) as soil blocks hold together best without any large pieces in the soil.
  5. Potting soil: I keep it simple and just purchase what’s available at the hardware store (whether I’m using soil blockers or trays). I initially used the Miracle Grow brand but notice the mix has too much big bits and have switched to another brand, Bar Harbor. Experiment with different brands to see what works best for you.
  6. Horticultural vermiculite: This is available usually at the big box hardware stores.
  7. Shop Lights: If you plant to grow your seedlings indoors, you will need a set up of shop lights and shelves to hang them. However, before going this route, check out my home-made greenhouse video and post.
  8. Humidity dome or saran wrap or burlap: seeds need warmth and moisture to germinate and you will need something to keep the just sown seeds from drying out. Purchasing humidity domes is not necessary, I use saran wrap to cover the top; others have cut up clear plastic garbage bags. Moistened burlap cloth can also be used – some say using this helps prevent algae.
  9. Mister: I use a mister purchased from Harbor Freight. This is a manual pump one, but you can also use an empty spray bottle. The mister is important to keep the soil and seeds moist throught the germination process.